Handling Holiday Stress

Busy moms know that the most joyous time of year can also be the most stressful. Having so much to do with so little time can really take a toll on our energy, our emotions and our bodies. With lots of gifts to buy and wrap, homes to tidy, meals to make, cookies to bake, and the list goes on – moms that are already busy on a typical day can really go into overdrive during the holidays.
We’d love to go get a massage, some pampering, and have lunch with a friend to help us relax and de-stress – but of course ’tis the season, so there’s no time for that.
Instead, here are some ‘handy’ tips for balancing your energies and emotions that take little time and effort – all you need are a few minutes and your very own two hands.

Dealing With Those Feelings Of Stress

Feeling anxious and worried about how you are going to get it all done in time?
Grasp your thumb with the opposite hand and hold for a few minutes while breathing deeply. Holding your thumb in this way helps to strengthen your stomach and spleen, which eases worry, depression, anxiety, and preoccupation. This can also relieve stomachaches, headaches, jittery nerves, surface skin problems, and can be an immune booster to ward off an oncoming cold or relieve allergies. Holding your thumb for a few minutes a day will help to keep these energies in balance.
Feeling afraid that the holiday feast you are planning won’t turn out perfectly or your friends and family won’t like the gifts you have for them?
Feelings of fear, perfectionism, and confusion can be released by holding your index finger for a few minutes. The bladder and kidney meridians run through this finger and a build up of these energies can also result in digestive problems and muscle aches and pains (ever notice how much more your back aches during stressful times?). In fact, back pain, neck pain and bladder problems can be significantly intensified when you hold onto buried fears – and you thought it was all those heavy shopping bags you were carrying through the mall! Allow those fears to release, along with the pain.
Feeling irritated by the heavy traffic, long lines and shortage of parking spaces?
Rather than using your middle finger to express your anger and frustration, you can instead use your middle finger to release it. Grasp your middle finger with the opposite hand and hold for a few minutes while breathing deeply and close your eyes if you are able. Holding your middle finger helps to relieve anger, irritability, indecision, and even rage (including road rage). The liver and gallbladder meridians run through this finger and holding it can also ease vision problems, circulation, and fatigue. Anger is one of the strongest emotions and holding onto it for too long can manifest in many physical ailments. Holding your middle finger for a few minutes gives anger an opportunity to be released.
Do the holidays remind you of the loss of a loved one, an old friend you lost touch with, or other feelings of grief?
Holidays are special times and they can often remind us of the special people that are no longer around to celebrate with. Holding your ring finger can help to dispel feelings of grief and sadness. Holding this finger can also ease feelings of negativity and fear of rejection. This finger is connected to the large intestines and lungs, so if you have digestive problems, lung congestion, allergies or other breathing difficulties holding this finger may create some relief. There is some evidence that deeply held grief for long periods of time can contribute to disease – so release your grief and sadness.
Do you find that over the holidays there is just so much to do, and so little time to just be and enjoy?
Many of us find ourselves in the doing, doing, doing, and doing some more mode during stressful times, such as the holidays. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done! Holding your pinkie finger can help you to ‘let go’ of this need to do. Maybe some things just don’t have to get done this year – like baking 10 different kinds of cookies from scratch and putting ribbon and bows on all the gifts. Why not hold your pinkie finger, give yourself a break, and get some gift bags with pretty tissue and some cut and bake cookies? The need to always do more can also manifest in bone problems, nerve problems and chronic sore throats. Holding your pinkie can relieve these too! While holding your pinkie, breathe deeply, relax and affirm that you do what you can, and that is enough. You are enough.

Use these ‘handy’ energy techniques throughout the holiday season and beyond to bring more peace, joy, and balance into your life. Just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in keeping your energies – body, mind, and spirit – in balance and keeping you healthy and well.