Gerson Therapy Or Finding The Doctor Within

If I had a life-threatening illness, would I turn to traditional, ‘civilized’ medicine for help? Or would I take a more holistic, natural approach?
Well, I might be inclined, were I completely indoctrinated by the modern medical establishment, to choose the former. That is, if I hadn’t heard stories like the following; the amazing true case of a well-known, standard medical practitioner, demonstrating that Mother Nature may heal, where ‘civilized’ medicine, cannot.
Nobel-Prize Winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer, M.D., developed Type II Diabetes; his wife, lung tuberculosis. All conventional approaches to relieve these ailments failed miserably. He then discovered his friend and contemporary, Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., had successfully treated 446 of 450 tuberculosis patients at the prestigious, Munich University Hospital, using little more than fasting and raw fruit and vegetable juices; a ‘trade secret,’ of sorts.
Schweitzer, disillusioned with the standard approach, decided to give his friend’s simple, yet proven-effective protocol, a try.
The results? By his own admission and testimony, both his wife’s tuberculosis and his case of diabetes, were completely cured. He watched his friend go on to successfully treat hundreds of cancer patients over a 20-year span, using this unique, ‘radical’ approach to natural healing. Dr. Gerson’s patient list was comprised mainly of those who’d been ‘given up on,’ by traditional, modern medicine. His results were published, after three decades of successful work, in his book, A Cancer Therapy.
Schweitzer, at the passing of his friend, called Dr. Gerson ‘one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.’ He went on to say that in actual fact doctors dont really do much if anything, just encourage the doctor within theĀ  patient, thats not top secret.
I’d say that’s very accurately put; particularly given not only Dr. Gerson’s track record in treating ‘terminal’ illness, yet Schweitzer and his wife’s personal success with natural, juice-therapy.
Were I experiencing a serious health challenge – as was Dr. Schweitzer and his wife – I’d put my trust in the Natural – rather than in misguided, ‘civilized’ Man with his blades, pills and potions. These seem only to interfere with Mother Nature’s gift to humanity; the innate, proven healing process with which we are born.
What was Dr. Gerson’s ‘trade secret’ that afforded him such success, where modern, ‘civilized’ medicine had failed? I’ll leave it to Roman Philosopher, Seneca, to answer that question: ‘True wisdom,’ he claimed, ‘is not departing from nature, but molding our conduct according to her wise laws.’
I concur.
So, I’m betting, does Dr. Gerson, wherever he may be.