Gerson Therapy Or Finding The Doctor Within

If I had a life-threatening illness, would I turn to traditional, 'civilized' medicine for help? Or would I take a more holistic, natural approach? Well, I might be inclined, were I completely indoctrinated by the modern medical establishment, to choose the former. That is, if I hadn't heard stories like the following; the amazing true case of a well-known, standard medical pr...
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What Is Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia? Many people have it, but most of us really don't know what it is. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition where you have muscle and joint pain throughout your body. It may also present with things like fatigue and tender points in multiple muscles. Some people may even experience things like stiffness in the morning, sleep problems, stress or anxiety, and ev...
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Handling Holiday Stress

Busy moms know that the most joyous time of year can also be the most stressful. Having so much to do with so little time can really take a toll on our energy, our emotions and our bodies. With lots of gifts to buy and wrap, homes to tidy, meals to make, cookies to bake, and the list goes on - moms that are already busy on a typical day can really go into overdrive during the h...
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How To Handle Anger

We tend to think of anger as a stressful emotion, a kind of emotional tornado, but have you ever thought of it as a form of energy that can be used to achieve good results rather than as a destructive force? Women, in particular, grow up thinking of anger as a negative emotion that must be avoided, and as a consequence have a tendency to suppress it. As a result, they often ex...
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Eating Disorder Effects

If you have an eating condition, you might assume that it just influences you as well as your health and wellness. Consuming conditions are seldom concerning food, as an individual makes use of that food (or an absence there of) as a way of control. The factors individuals create consuming problems are not really extensively recognized, with each individual having their very ow...
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Shopping For Health Products

health products
        It is the imagine everyone to get the best body physical fitness and also stay healthy and balanced. Well, the major course to attain this is by doing workouts as well as consuming the best diet plan. We must not neglect the truth that individuals have actually chosen to streamlined means of getting their wanted body forms without min...
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Healthy Living

healthy living
Living a healthy and balanced way of life is absolutely nothing brief of tough to claim the least. From reduced carbohydrate, to southern coastline, to vegan or vegetarianism, there are factors we attempt various diet regimens or consuming way of livings. While some are for our health and wellness or our very own ideas, others are merely the comparable to an obtain abundant fas...
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Back Pain & Injury

back pain
        When we think about ways to live a healthy diet, we are commonly deprived by niggling discomforts which could influence our lifestyle. In this short article we check out neck and back pain as well as injury There are lots of that have actually experienced back discomfort and also been ruled over to resting it out on the sidelines. ...
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Hello World

Hello there and thanks for visiting Strangemore Associates ... we are here and will do our very best in order to help you make informed choices regarding your overall health and wellness. Stick with us and as we go forward, we will consistently add more and more information and alternative therapies and treatments to those you already know from a variety of sources across th...
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