Top 10 Types Of Herbs And Spices

healing-herbsFor a healthy and spicy diet, one should ensure a well-packed spice rack. There are countless spice assortments that one can go for with herbs and vegetables encompassing a larger percentage. These vegan ingredients come with unique capabilities among the most important ones being their healing capability. What seasonings shouldn’t you miss in your kitchen? There are different culinary beneficial factors you should consider first before selecting them. The good news is, we have saved you the hustle of looking for these aspects. Here are the best types of herbs and spices that will flavor every other food recipe under your roof.


Explore an aromatic spice that will endow a licorice flavor; it works well with cakes and cookies. This spice will also impart tasty fruit salads specifically citrus types. Try out fruit pies, dark breads, chutneys and relishes. Braised dishes and pilafs found in Indian cuisine aren’t bad either.


This is basically a hard berry found mostly in Central America and West Indies. You may easily tell its unique flavor based on the name that depicts various spice flavors. We are referring to cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s available in two end forms; both ground and berry states. Marinades and broths are the main food types for this ingredient. Others are: apple desserts, spice cakes, banana breads, cookies, pumpkins, chutneys and sweet potatoes.


Basil works as an excellent dried herb for a number of dishes. Different results will be achieved when used fresh. It’s the major building component of pesto sauces, tomato pasta sauces and garden-fresh tomato salads. Take your marinades, soups, grain meals, omelets, vinaigrette and herb breads repasts to the next level with dried basil.


Long-simmering recipes work well with dried bay laurel tree leaves. With the likes of soups and stews, you’ll surely have banquets to remember. The most amazing feature of this seasoning is its “woodsy” nature suitable for potatoes, tomatoes, corn and beans foods.


The seeds are harvested from a biennial plant based in Europe. They have a distinctive and sharp taste popularly known to be used with pumpernickel breads and rye. It’s not limited to these meals only; cabbage, potatoes and root vegetable varieties can be opted for as well.


Obtained from an Indian native plant, this remedy can be used either in ground or whole form. However, the pods have to be opened for some small dark seeds acquaintance. They are linked to captivating tastes for grain servings; it ranges from fruit/nut grain pilafs to peas or potato curries. You may also zest it to baked products or vegetables taken as side meals.


This is among the most powerful types of herbs and spices able to provide the hottest pepper savor ever. A small amount will go a long way to relish large amounts of food. Wondering of what herb to include in your repasts? Whether noodle, vegetables, curries, bean stew or chilies, Cayenne pepper will help a big deal.


Chives lie under a lily group with close relationship to onions, garlic and scallions. Use them when fresh and raw for perfect upshots. Though it’s rare to find them fresh in groceries, I guess you won’t mind planting some in your small garden; they are worth the effort. Additionally, you can use it with baked potatoes, vegetable or potato salads. Dried chives are useful too; they can work magic when topped to sauces and soups.


This product is a useful ingredient credited with coriander production as well. The best part of it is, it can easily be substituted with Italian parsley though with a less effective fallout. Indian and Mexican individuals have succeeded at achieving pleasing tastes from bean stews, tomato sauces, tacos and corn meals with help of cilantro; why not give it a try?


Achieve a sweet and appealing delicacy that you’ll never miss in your dietary list once tried. This can be made possible by a sprinkle of this herb to baked products (puddings, custards, cakes, fruit pies and cookies), sweet potatoes, pumpkin and squash. In addition to that, it can be used with fruits and beverages e.g. hot mulled cider.

There are diverse types of herbs and spices each coming with a unique taste and health gains. It all depends on one’s preference. In question of which are the best to suite most of your recipes, you have it all here; have your pick.