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Welcome to my About page!

You want to know about me, huh? Or I assume you do, well, because you're here. But I'm assuming and you know what that means: I am making an ASS of U and ME. Dang it, there I go calling you an ass, already. I don't know what's wrong with me.

So a lot of people say to me, "Oh my God, is that Buffy?" Okay, so maybe they don't say that to me, but you can if you like. I don't mind at all being imagined as her. She is that badassest of all the badasses, of course.

If you really want to know about the real me, instead of Buffy, then follow Strangemore! You'll probably still learn about Buffy in the process, but a lot about me too.

However, I will attempt to sum up. 

Here goes: I'm Lyndsey Lore and I currently live in the southern United States, although I moved here from the north and ended up with a mish mash accent. I don't consider myself a redneck, because I don't say "warsh" (although my mom does and I will NEVER stop making fun of it) or "yee-haw". I may occasionally say "y'all" but probably only for dramatic effect.

Books, movies, and TV are a large part of my life. Ever the fiction enthusiast, I grew up a fan of all things science fiction, fantasy and paranormal. I never grew out if it and never plan to. That includes Star Wars and Star Trek. You may call it blasphemy, I call it a way of life.

Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. Many statements in this blog should not be taken literally. I like to make jokes and ridiculous statements or pose rhetorical or hypothetical questions to my readers. A lot of what I write is fun for the sake of fun and I try not to take things, especially myself, too seriously.

I only have ONE rule.

Rule #1) I kid, I kid! I joke, I joke!!

The main thing you need to know about me is: I like dumb jokes. I like to make dumb jokes.

People like to laugh and I know that. I like to laugh, also. Now whether or not I have an actual sense of humor is up for debate, but some people still like to laugh at people trying to make jokes. I'm fine with that. If you don't like my joke, laugh at me for thinking it's funny. Whatevs. I do the same thing sometimes, and... at least your laughing.

For example: I crack up everytime I see those ridiculous commercials where the cheese is telling jokes. The jokes are stupid, but it's A PIECE OF CHEESE telling JOKES! That's hilarious.

Which leads me to my second and final rule:

Rule #2) Crude but not cruel - Unnecessary content is necessary to me, but unkind content is not my kind of content.

Okay, maybe, I have three rules. I promise I'm not really a liar; I'm just fickle.

Rule #3) Fictional characters beware - I may say something that will hurt the feelings of fictional characters, but I never mean it as a personal attack on their creator.

For example: I LOVE George Lucas, but we all know that Jar Jar sucks. Simple as that.

And one final rule, for good measure.

Rule #4) You can never have too many Star Wars, Buffy, or Firefly references. Or any sort of nerd reference for that matter.

Being a nerd doesn't mean you're uncool, it means you're Awesomeness Frequency resonates too high for the cool kids to notice.

This is really my final, and most important, rule.

5) Learn something new every day.

This is something my dad taught me. I can't even imagine how many times he said this while I was growing up.

I never quite understood something about it, back then. I wasn't sure if it was an observation like, "Eh, you learn something new every day, don't you?" Or if it was a proclamation, like "Go out and learn something new every single day." But now I understand that it is a little bit of both.

As much as I love to laugh, more than anything, I want to change and be changed. I want the things that I watch or read to influence me in ways I never thought they would, and I want to pass a little bit of that on to my readers. Even if it's just, "I never thought of it that way before" or "I didn't see the humor in that until now."

So, I invite you to join me in my strange observations and discoveries at...

On this blog, we will be discussing all types of strange phenomena in popular fiction.

Strangeness that is most commonly found in my favorites types of fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, paranormal, apocalyptic, post-apocalytic, and dystopia... And young adult books of course, which can still be strange even without any of the aforementioned themes.

Expect many giveaways in the future, hopefully of a high caliber. I already receive a few print ARCs, but I am crossing my fingers that this blog will help me get even more. So the more followers I can get, the better the giveaways will be.


All right, so I'm not very subtle.

But if a dog rolls over and shows you it's belly, it expects you to scratch it, right? Well, I'm showing you my belly here, so get to it. Not that I expect you to literally scratch my stomach. That would be awkward. It's hypothetical, okay? And yes, I do realize that comparing myself to a dog and asking people to scratch my stomach isn't exactly the best way to kick off my first blog post, but since when have I been concerned with such things?

If I am the dog, then that makes you my owner. So be a kind one, and keep tabs on your adorable little puppy by following me around making cooing noises and baby talk faces at me... Or just follow me with Google Friend Connect and Twitter. It's up to you really.

Along with reviews, giveaways, and general randomness, I will provide links to free or cheap ebook deals. You can check out some past finds on my Goodreads shelf called "free-or-cheap-downloads".

If you would like an idea of the type of thing you will be dealing with from me, I recommend visiting my Goodreads page and reading some of my past reviews (which I will most likely be cross posting on here). I will graciously provide a link HERE.

Now scratch behind my ears and call me a "good girl." Apparently, I really like that. :-)

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, you can do so using this form:



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