Back Pain & Injury

back painWhen we consider how to live healthily, we are often disadvantaged by niggling pains which can affect our quality of life. In this article we look at back pain and injury

There are many who have experienced back pain and been subjugated to sitting it out on the sidelines. If you have had that experience or are going through it now, be rest assured that you are not the only one. It is estimated that 75% of all adults will experience pain in their backs during their adult lives. It is a modern scourge and responsible for millions of lost work days per annum

This issue is so common that over twenty percent of all visits to the doctor are associated with back pain. There are many ways in which we might have back pain. It may come in the form of chronic aches that just never seems to let up. In other cases we may be going about out day as normal when shooting sharp pain occurs in our backs.

The causes of back pain are as varied as the type of pain we experience.  If you have an accident then you may know what your pain is due to. In other cases it may come on suddenly and you are not sure why you have the pain. Fractures and sprains are yet more reasons we might have pain in our backs.

It is also notable that obesity and failure to lead an active lifestyle is another of the common reasons we experience back pain. The suffering may get you down, but there is good news on the horizon. Strategies that you can use to help yourself to improve your situation and decrease the pain are very effective and something you can start right away.

1. If you are overweight or obese, start to get it under control. Make a decision today that you are going to get on a healthy program to not just lose the weight, but to keep it off. Belly weight in particular is the root of a lot of back pain for those over weight.

2. If you are a couch potato, get up and start to move. Starting to live more actively and to exercise on a regular basis will greatly help in strengthening your back and reducing pain. It is recommended that you maintain a weight that ranges inside ten pounds of your healthy weight.

3. It may surprise you to know that the position you commonly sleep in can hurt or help your back pain. You should consult with your doctor or chiropractor about this to see what would be best for your situation. Pulling you knees up a little, while sleeping on your side is often what is recommended.

4. You may think that smoking would not have anything to do with it, but it might. Having a smoking habit causes many health issues. Among them is a decrease in the body’s function to deliver nutrients through your blood to your spinal discs. This weakens the area causing chronic pain.

5. Of course lifting things can cause injury and pain. Despite knowing this, it is common for workers and those doing home projects to disregard good practice for lifting objects. Regardless of the weight of the objects be sure to bend your knees and lift with your legs instead of your back. Try not to twist your body as you lift as this can also cause stress and injury.

6. Most people fail to learn anything about posture, but it is very important to keep your back in good condition. When sitting, try using a chair that’s back is straight and has support in place for your lower back area.

7. For the ladies, you should try to wear flats as often as possible. High heels are very difficult on ones back. When wearing these shoes it is common for the center of balance to get out of whack causing back injury. This can happen in a flash. It may be that you have to wear them sometimes, but when not necessary go for the more comfortable choices.

8. If you are wearing very tight clothing, you may want to re-think doing so. Tight clothes can cause a great deal of stress to the body when trying to bend or to walk and in turn could aggravate back pain.

9. For the guys who often carry fat wallets in their back pockets, you should consider reorganizing it to be thinner. Your wallet could be causing stress, and injury to your back. So when sitting for a long time at work or while driving, try putting the wallet somewhere safe instead leaving it in your back pocket.

10. For those who carry a briefcase, you should consider one that can evenly distribute the weight across your body when carrying it. If you are carrying your bag for long periods, or if your bag or case does not have straps, then be sure to switch the hand with which you are carrying it frequently. Doing so helps to keep the stress on the back more even over the duration you carry the case.