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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review for Insurgent by Veronica Roth




Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Strangemore Rating: 5 Stars

All right. Start it up "We Will Rock You" style, now.

Clap, clap, stomp. Clap, clap, stomp. Clap, clap, stomp. Clap, clap, stomp.

We are, we are DAUNTLESS
We are, we are DAUNTLESS

Beatrice, Now called Tris, Made a big change
Playing on the trains, She became a Dauntless one day
She's got mud on her face
A parental disgrace
Now she'll be kickin your ass all over the place

We are, we are DIVERGENT
We are, we are DIVERGENT

Tobias is a Dauntless, Divergent
Shoutin' to them all, We can take on the world today
Erudite got blood on their face
We'll put them in their place
Into the past, out of our Fear Landscapes

We are, we are INSURGENT
We are, we are INSURGENT

Come on!

We are, we are INSURGENT
We are, we are INSURGENT

The Rundown

Okay, I'm sorry but I am NOT going to give you a summary of this book. I knew nothing going in and I loved it that way. Everything was a surprise and I think maybe that's how it should be. Plus, you know you want to read it anyway.

And if you haven't read Divergent yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Shoo! Go read it NOW.

The Plot and World-Building

This world in Insurgent is darker and even more exciting than Divergent. Each chapter raises the stakes until you're all in. The characters in this book are so much more alive than in any other book I've read recently. They have such fascinating layers and depth that I feel I could never uncover all he secrets they hold. Luckily, Veronica Roth is amazing at helping us do just that. The characters are masterfully unraveled before our very eyes. Insights unlocked that I'd have never seen coming.

The same goes for the storyline. There are things happening in this book that I wouldn't have once guessed. And I consider myself pretty adept at figuring out storylines. Every new plot twist is a welcome surprise. Every new bit of info is an exciting reveal.

I was very pleasantly surprised that the romance storyline DID NOT overwhelm the majority of the plot. This was a book about society and about war and about dealing with everything that comes with both of those. That's what dystopian fiction is supposed to be about.

The plot expands greatly upon what we know about the society and it's background, which in the first was mostly nil. I was thrilled with the way the information was revealed and what it means for the future of the series.

The Characters

Tris really FEELS the emotions brought on by the deaths that she believes herself to be responsible for, even when she had no other choice. In fact, she feels her feelings almost too much. A lot like the way people really do in even less dire real life situations. She's just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary situation. At least, that's how she sees herself. She doesn't at all realize how strong and extraordinary she really is.

As much as I love Katniss from The Hunger Games, I never really felt her inner turmoil the way I do with Tris. My stomach clenches when I think of what she's gone through so far. If I think about it too much, I'll get nauseous.

On another note, I have a tiny gripe about the passages involving Four's looks, like this one: "Some girls might focus on the way his ears stick out, or the way his nose hooks at the end." Plus, many other little ones about his spindly long fingers and gaunt face.

Wow, move over Fabio! Lemme at him!! GOOD LORD, this woman really does not want us to find Ol' Toby attractive, does she?  I appreciate that he isn't your typical "hero" type, because let's face it - not every guy has long blonde waves and gleaming teeth. But not every girl finds that kind of guy attractive either.  It doesn't have to be one or the other. I would like a bit sexier description of him from time to time. You know, something that doesn't make it sound as though he looks like Beetlejuice.

For example, most people wouldn't call Edward Scissorhands himself a classically handsome man. If you tried to, you could make some of Johnny Depp's characters sound pretty hideous in a text description, but he somehow manages to transcend the gloomy and unique nature of those characters and bring them to life in a way that makes them sexy and intriguing. I just would like a little something like that in the description of Four in the future.

The Romance

First off, yes, I still call him Four. Tris switches off between calling him Four and Tobias in the book. Lately, I've found myself calling him Tobias in my head but when I write it, it usually ends up being Four. I mean, that's what he was called throughout almost the entire first novel... but the name Tobias is starting to grow on me.

To be honest, I was afraid that Tris and Four's relationship would go down the cookie cutter route. I couldn't be more thrilled with the direction their romance has taken. They have real issues that they work through. There is no angst purely for the sake angst. It's all based on their present and past situations. If you're looking for a lovey dovey, pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows kind of relationship, then sorry but you won't find that here. Sorry to burst your cotton candy bubble gum bubble. And yes, I know I'm evil. *sly grin*

There's angst and arguing but NO love triangle with the main character. At least not one that was discernible to me. If there was one, it was a ninja assassin love triangle.

The Verdict

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. Insurgent was an incredibly delicious, exciting, and emotional read! But mostly, it just flat out made an impact on me.

The other night I was watching Merlin, which has newly been added to my list of all-time favorite TV shows, and there was one particular moment where a character shows a redonkulous amount of bravery in a certain heartbreaking scene which cannot be named, and I literally thought to myself "That's so Dauntless." That's the power of the world that Veronica Roth has created. When a story becomes part of pop culture, when it is so unique and recognizable that it can be spoofed or merchandised, and when it's terminology works its way into your everyday life - that's when you see the true power of literature. I believe that this is one of those stories.

Oh and by the way, I want a T-Shirt with the Dauntless faction symbol, so... someone get started on that ASAP. *snap, snap*

Now go forth and win a copy of Insurgent. But wait there's more! A signed copy of Divergent to go along with it!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Insurgent and Divergent Giveaway


Well, I had a super exciting weekend - I played some Mass Effect 3 and caught space hamster. But more importantly, I got an ARC of INSURGENT! Eeeeheeheehee!! (That's the noise an excited space hamster makes. Just thought I'd enlighten you.)

This gorgeous box showed up on my doorstep with Insurgent all over the cover.

So I open it my box and what do I see? One big ole' eyeball, a looking' at me!

It tells me what I've always suspected to be true. I am ERUDITE. It's no surprise to me that I am a member of the Erudite Faction. Not because I'm evil and want to take over the world. Although.... Well, maybe a little bit for that reason. But mostly because I'm far too curious for my own good.

I know what you're thinking. Well, good for you, Lyndsey, but what's in it for me? Or maybe you weren't thinking that, and I'm just far too skeptical. (Ooh, there's another good ole' Erudite trait.) But anyway, if you weren't thinking it before, I bet you are now! (See I have mind control powers, too.)

So here's what's in it for you! I have a brand new copy of Divergent signed by the author herself, Veronia Roth, as well as a lovely pre-ordered hardcover copy of Insurgent. I'm giving the set away to one lucky winner. Here's how it works:

  1. You must be a follower of Strangemore to enter.
  2. You can earn extra entries for liking Strangemore on Facebook, following @StrangemoreBlog, and daily tweets.
  3. You will earn 10 extra entries for pre-ordering a copy of Insurgent. If you are selected as the winner, I will contact you with plenty of time to cancel your pre-order. I assume most of you will be buying the book anyway, so by pre-ordering, you'll get the extra contest entries, PLUS if you don't win, you'll still get the discounted pre-order price, which is usually a good amount cheaper than if you wait until it's already out.
  4. The contest will end a week before Insurgent's release to allow time to arrange for shipping to the winner!


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