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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Author Interview with Marianne de Pierres and Campaign for Burn Bright in the US


Before we get to the interview with Marianne de Pierres, the author of Burn Bright, I just wanted to say that she couldn't have been more wonderful and was everything we all hope for in a YA author. I thought Burn Bright was an outstanding start to a series that I can't wait to read more about. It's fully immersive and addictive. If you haven't already, take a few minutes to read my review of Burn Bright.

I also would love to get a campaign going to have this book published in the US, because it is currently only available in Australia. Please check out the info at the bottom of the interview, if you are also interested in seeing Burn Bright come to the US.

Thus, without further ado... the interview:

A lot of us want to know about the covers of The Night Creatures series: Did you have any input into the cover designs for these books and how did they come about?

My publisher was beginning to put together a cover concept and their designer, Astred Hicks, suggested Jaroslaw Kubicki's artwork among others. We all knew instantly that it was a match made in gothic heaven. It then remained for Astred to contact him and get permission to use the artwork. You can read Astred's account of it at her blog. I was in the happy position to be able to just say, ‘Yes, I love it!’

Which character is portrayed on the cover of Burn Bright? Also, who is portrayed on Angel Arias?

My publisher likes to think of the Angel Arias portraying Ruzalia, and I like to think of Burn Bright as Naif. But really they can be who you want them to be.

Do you have any idea who will be on the cover of Blaze Dark? When can we expect to see it?

I have a sneaking suspicion, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet, so I’d better not say. However, it will fit with the same tone as the previous covers.

I love the texture of the book. Did you have any idea how unique it would be? And what did you think when you held it in your hands for the first time?

I think that was my publisher. She talked about how she wanted a certain texture and lettering on the cover. I really wasn’t exactly sure what she meant until I held it in my hand and went … WOW!

I have already been inspired by the hugely creative world in your book, Burn Bright, and I'm sure that many young people will be as well; what were your biggest influences growing up?

Thank you Lyndsey, that’s a great compliment. Most of my influences growing up came from books and television, and to a much lesser extent film. Older generation writers like D.H. Lawrence and Victoria Holt (historical murder/mystery/romance). TV series like the original Avengers and Callan inspired that sense of danger in my writing.

Where did the inspiration for the world of Ixion come from?

It was an intersection of various interests I had at the time I began writing it; nocturnal lifestyles, gothic architecture, sleep and our need for it, islands (I’ve lived on one). I also wanted to write something with strong fantasy imagery to have a change from straight SF.

Will The Night Creatures series be published in the US? When might it be available?

We’re in talk with publishers now and I hope I’ll have some news soon. The publishing industry moves quite slowly, so, fingers crossed, maybe next year.

Let's talk love interests. It seems there are so many choices for our heroine. I would ask you who you think Retra/Naif should end up with, but that may lead to a spoiler. So, does she end up with who you think she should or does she have a mind of her own on that matter?

Oh yes, I couldn’t tell you where the love thing goes - that would spoil everything. I will say though, that it depends very much on what Naif wants and at the moment she’s very new to the whole experience. I’ve given her permission to be confused and change her mind, because we’ve all done that. 

People have said that Retra's interest in Markes is entirely unfounded, but I found that as a teenager, I often became infatuated with boys I didn't know anything about. It was a very realistic way to portray her. Are Retra's experiences and characteristics in any way based on your own?

Well, I’m with you. I had secret crushes on lots of different boys when I was a teen. In book 2 , though, Naif begins to learn much more about Markes, which adds weight to her feelings for him, but it gets quite complicated.

Are you currently working on any other projects besides The Night Creatures? Can you tell us about them?

I’m currently writing my humourous crime series (www.tarasharp.com) and my SF/Western comic (www.mariannedepierres.com/peacemaker) but the ideas for my next teen series are simmering as well. It will be called Emo Trader and is literally about being able to trade your emotions with other people, or check them in to the Emo Bank. But of course that comes at a cost.

What is your writing style?

I’m a write first, revise later person to a degree. I’ve schooled myself to be that way, otherwise I would agonize too long over passages and never get the story written. I’ve also found that good story flow produces better work for me. The emotion needs to be strong, which is much harder to achieve when you are stop/start editing all the time.

Do you have any writing tips for unpublished writers?

My best tips are here – they’re simple but the best advice I can give, other than to say don’t give up and good luck! http://www.mariannedepierres.com/extras/writing-tips/

Thanks for having me, Lyndsey! Burn Bright!

Thanks, Marianne! You were absolutely fantastic and I really hope we get to see The Night Creatures series here in the US... and SOON!!

We want Burn Bright in the US!

Join the Campaign

If you would be interested in seeing Burn Bright and it's sequels published in the States, do any or all of the following:

1) Visit the Facebook page for Burn Bright and LIKE it. Also, visit and LIKE this page and vote for your country to let publishers know that you want to see this series there!

2) Send a tweet to the publishers. You can use the one I have included below or compose your own with the hashtag #WeWantBurnBrightInTheUS and tweet to @harperteen @randomhouse @littlebrown @simonkidsya

<----Click here to share your interest in Burn Bright.


Irresistiblereads said...

What an awesome interview!  I love hearing about the inspirations for Ixion.  It would have to be one of my fictional worlds.  Can't wait for Angel Arias.  And lets hope they bring this amazing series to the rest of the world :)

Flannery (The Readventurer) said...

Great interview, Lyndsey! I am hoarding this one till after my exams but I am beyond excited to read it.

Wendy Darling said...

This is such a great idea, Lynds! Hope a lot of people link and sign. :)

Janette said...

Great campaign!! I loved the first book, can't wait for the rest of the series; and the new one sounds amazing too.

Cubicleblindness said...

Fantastic! I love this and am in total support. I have already emailed and tweeted some publishers, but I will continue to show my love, I'll post a blog about this campaign this week and invite my friends and followers. This is an awesome idea and if you ever need anything in support of this campaign you let me know
Krista@cubicleblindness:disqus .

Trac said...

I support this. I think all books should be avaliable in every country :)

Naomi Rees said...

" I’ve given her permission to be confused and change her mind, because we’ve all done that. " I know (!) perfect way to go about it, IMO :)

i am even more excited for #2 now (and off to link my review)

fantastic Q's ~ LOVED reading this

x Nomes

A T said...

In 'Send a tweet to the publishers,' you should include @Candlewick! :) They have Melina Marchetta and Patrick Ness. :D

Book Chatter said...

Great interview and great campaign :)

Rochelle said...

sent tweet and signed petition

Aik said...

Done all the above!

savanna said...

Sent tweet and signed the petition. I really want to read this book.

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